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We allow for a unique design of a home page with multiple sections covering "about us" page and contact details. A new business or a business with a limited business will not need more than a one-page website with a few sections describing their business.

What pages do I get?

Nimble Websites is a trading name of WP Support Consulting Ltd and therefor you are billed by the company that owns the service.

Why am I billed by WP Support Consulting Ltd?

No, but we will be in touch to collect your content, both written words and any images that we will need such as your company logo. We will use your logo as an inspiration point for your website look and feel. If you don't have a logo, we can organise this at an additional cost for you but will need to speak to you to help us understand more about your business and your proposition.

Will you write the words for my new website?

Our plan is designed to help you get online at very affordable rates and our minimum commitment is 36 months. You can cancel at any point, but you will have to settle any outstanding amount due between the cancellation point and the end of your initial 36-month commitment. After 36 months, there is a simple 1 month's notice required.

What's my minimum commitment to your service?

Yes! You will be able to connect your computer software, your tablet and your mobile phones to your new email addresses. We will provide instructions for you, but we won't be able to make those connections for you.

Will I be able to add my new email addresses to my devices?

The short answer is "yes"! You will be able to edit the words and images on your new website whenever you like, directly in your web browser.


Your website layout and design will be fixed, so you have no fear of breaking any essential part of your website.

Will I be able to change the content of my site after it's published?

No, you should register your own domain name, since you should own that and not us. We will provide instructions on how to connect your domain name to our hosting service so that your email & website work 

Will you provide a domain name?



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